For ROU, a culture is more than a set of rituals, but a way-of-living and stories worth to tell. We highly respect Batik as Indonesian culture, one that represents a lifestyle full of positivity, hope and empowerment. Our motivation is driven by the idea of life full of heritage that it's worth to share. Thus, ROU will always strive to make Batik more suitable for daily use. 


We aim to be a brand that can deliver not only the finished product but also share the production process with you. We believe that each Batik has a story waiting to be discovered. 


Batik Workshop VisitBatik Workshops Visit 

In this journey, our team carefully curated a number of Batik craftsmen where we directly visited their workshop to ensure the people and the environment. We put importance to the Batik we use, so all products are made from authentic Batik process (wax-resist dyeing) by experienced craftsmen.
Batik Curation

Batik Curation

Every Batik has their own surprise. While scanning all the different patterns, we envision the ideas that could be explored from a piece of Batik. The curated Batik will then be the base of our next collection.
Batik Workshop Visit

Heritage x Functionality

The goods are also in the hands of our trusted tailors and production team who have years of cloth-making experience under their belt. Since it’s handmade with love, minor imperfection is inevitable. We aim to create goods that are comfortable, easy-to-use and visually pleasing for your everyday life.


Through this we hope that more people can enjoy Batik and Indonesian tradition will be preserved.